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Request a free sample copy

Thank you for your interest in our textbooks.
We send evaluation copies free of charge to teachers based in Japan.

Please fill out the "Sample copy request" form below.

  • We send evaluation copies to teachers based in Japan, who give classes in university, middle school or high school. If you work in a language school, please contact us.

  • We will send only one evaluation copy per textbook.

  • We send maximum 2 different textbooks per person. If you really need a third one, please contact us.

  • We send evaluation copies through “mail-bin”. They will be delivered to you within a week, up to ten days.

Request for Feedback after receiving evaluation copies

We kindly request you to inform us about whether you have decided to use the textbook(s) or not and why, by using the feedback form that is delivered together with the textbooks or by filling the online form.





  • 無料見本のご送付は、日本国内に在住で、日本国内の大学・高校・中学校でクラスをお持ちの先生方に限らせていただきます。

  • 語学学校様で無料見本をご希望の際は、ご相談下さい。

  • 無料見本のご送付は、お一人様で1つのタイトルにつき1冊のみとさせていただきます。

  • 無料見本のご請求は、1度に2冊までとさせていただきます。もし3冊以上をご希望の場合は、お問い合わせください。

  • お申し込みから最長1週間程度でのお届けとなります。

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