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How to Test Speaking Skills in Japan: A Quick Start Guide

How can you efficiently conduct valid and reliable speaking tests within EFL classes in Japan?


This practical and accessible book aims to answer this question by offering some proven in-class oral testing techniques that can simultaneously assess communicative competence while helping students build smooth and natural conversation skills.

Written in a friendly, jargon-lite style, this quick-start guide will:

  • Make the case for conducting speaking tests with your Japanese students

  • Cover essential testing principles and qualities of good tests

  • Offer clear guidelines for test administration and marking

  • Provide step-by-step instructions for several proven oral test techniques suitable for assessing progress in a variety of teaching contexts

This book is ideal for teachers new to oral communication testing or for those who would like to review the basics and pick up some new ideas. No previous knowledge or experience with speaking tests is required.

→ Click this link to download the file containing all of the appendices in editable .docx (MS Word) format.

Feel free to use and adapt these documents as you see fit. 

How to Test Speaking Skills in Japan: 
A Quick Start Guide
  • ISBN:978-4-905343-14-1

  • Author:Jerry Talandis Jr.

  • Publication:April 2017

  • Price : ¥1,500 + tax

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About the author

The author, Jerry Talandis Jr., has been teaching English in Japan since 1993 and is currently a professor at the University of Toyama. His research interests include pragmatics, language testing, and professional development through classroom-based research. He is also co-author of the EFL textbook ”Conversations in Class, 3rd Edition”.

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